Birchwood Bushcraft And Woodcraft Ltd -

Welcome to Birchwood Bushcraft and Woodcraft
If you love Bushcraft or being out in the wilderness then we both share this wonderful passion and if, like me you want to spend as much time learning and teaching these ancient skills.
  They say knowledge weighs nothing and when it comes to Bushcraft or Survival that is so true. We have to carry enough kit when teaching, so to be able to have the knowledge to turn your hand to anything to Survive or just practice your Bushcraft Skills.
We will show you how to:
Light a fire using a Bow Drill and Tinder.
How to make a shelter that will keep you warm and dry.
How to prepare and cook foraged food found in the woods.

We will help you understand nature and be aware of creatures and plants in and around the woods and forests.



 We run workshops in staff making, make your own hiking staff. Carve your own designs that will last a life time.


We will show you how to survive in a wilderness situation and learn new skills that will enhance your life.
For further information contact us on 07973614888 or email us



Leave no trace.
To be able to live off the land and have a sound understanding of the world around you is a skill that has been lost.
We will teach you skills and knowledge that will help you survive and live in harmony with the natural world.

Knowledge weighs nothing.
To be able to survive in a wilderness situation, attitude is just as important as knowledge.
Shelter Building is all about Location Location Location.
Fire Starting is all about Preparation Preparation Preparation.
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